Exacta gravimetric blender

      Gravimetric blender for micro-dosing 

Exacta GV is the new gravimetric feeder for micro-dosing, equipped with an advance control that allows a complete control of frequency vibrations in order to obtain the exact throughput, while an optimised filtering system identifies and neutralises all the vibrations coming from an external source.

It has a modular construction and each station has an individual control realised with a PLC B&R; the operator interface is a 7” coloured touch panel and an Ethernet port is available for the connection with Winfactory 4.0. The number of parameters that the operator is requested to insert have been minimized in order to make the control as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

A fully customisable material database is included as standard and so all the dosing parameters specifically defined for each material can be quickly and easily recalled for an immediate startup without risk of scrap.

The new central body is not just a connecting element; it has been designed with an internal diverting element that allows the preliminary test without any waste of masterbatch and is ready to be connected to a cooling water source in case of low melting materials. As an option, an equalisation device is also available to avoid any risk of overpressure, allowing the installation of a drying hopper directly onto the Exacta GV central body. Exacta GV is ready to integrate into in any system, there are in fact two versions available for feeding: with Venturi loader or with a support for the installation of a vacuum receiver.


● Extremely compact for a direct installation on IMM or extruder
● Cleaning operations are very easy and fast thanks to the full accessibility to the internal elements
● Can be fully integrated in a centralised vacuum feeding system
● High accuracy and consistency even in case of micro-dosing
● Easy to use with a user-friendly interface and a “ready-tostart” configuration
● Versatile: wide range of production without the need of any screw or motor-gear change




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Feeding & Conveying

Drying & Dehumidifying

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Temperature Control

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