Instruments for preforms and PET sheets quality

Inspecta is an analysis instrument based on gas chromatography, that can detect the presence of volatile substances and so certify good quality of preform produced.

There is the possibility that some unwelcome substances are present in the raw plastic chips, especially in case of rPET or they can be generated during the production process. Substances such as acetaldehyde for example can have an impact on the taste of the beverage that is bottled inside and for this reason their concentration has to be kept under control.

It's equipped with a keyboard and a TFT coloured monitor and the control software has been designed in order to make the analysis procedure completely automatic, managing all the main functions and parameters. At the end of the procedure a report is generated, summarising all data and it can be printed thanks to an integrated printer.

Inspecta can be installed in the production area without the necessity of collecting a sample and bringing it to a laboratory. There are two possible configurations for the layout: laboratory version with a dedicated very compact cabinet for desk installation or as alternative a turret with a cabinet for floor installation. In this second case a hydrogen generator is included to make the analysis stationing totally independent.

Inspecta makes the analysis compatible with the production timing, allowing prompt corrective actions. The completely automatic process of analysis doesn’t required personnel with specific skills, long preparations procedures or the creation of calibration curves. In this way the results are reliable, repetitive and reproducible across Inspecta installed in different factories and the costs for the analysis are minimised.


● Repetitive and repeatable results
● Easy to use: no need of sample preparation and no human influence
● Constant control of the process
● Highest levels of accuracy and dependability of the measure
● Cost and time reduction for analysis
● Versatility: chamber of 150 ml suitable for the major part of the preforms and bigger chamber available as an option




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